Rules for Reopening the Masjid for Congragational and Friday Prayers

The Masjid will reopen,in shaa Allah, on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at Isha time.




  1. Any person with any health condition should not come to the Masjid.

  2. You have to wear a mask at all time inside the Masjid and within its vicinity.

  3. Children 13 years-old and under should not come to the Masjid.

  4. Sisters may come to the Masjid during the weekdays (without their children), but not for the Friday Prayer.

  5. Maximum capacity will not exceed 100 people at any time.

  6. Use hand sanitizer upon entering the Masjid.

  7. Always wash your hands and avoid touching your face.

  8. Group socialization or group study and any other gatherings are not allowed inside the Masjid or within its vicinity.

  9. Hand shaking is not allowed at all in the Masjid or within its vicinity.

  10. Hugging is not allowed at all in the Masjid or within its vicinity.

  11. You have to maintain a distance of 6 feet between you and the other person at all times, including the prayer time and while performing wudu’. Follow the yellow tape markings for seating and praying in the Masjid.

  12. The 6-foot distance rule has to be maintained inside the Masjid and within its vicinity.

  13. Items should not be passed around between worshipers.

  14. Books and mushafs (Qur'an) will not be available in the Masjid. You may use your phone to read Qur’an from.

  15. Bring your own prayer rug and fold it upon leaving.

  16. Bring a bag to put your shoes and take it with you inside because no shoes are allowed in the lobby (there will be no shoe racks).

  17. Water fountains at the Masjid will not be available for use.

  18. During the weekdays, brothers shall enter and exit from the main entrance, while sisters shall enter and exit from the sisters’ entrance. Avoid crowds while entering and exiting and always maintain the 6-foot social distance.

  19. There will be only one Friday (Jumu'ah) prayer, which will continue to be held outside in the parking lot.  Please bring a thick prayer rug.  We will continue the live streaming of the khutbah from the Masjid, in shaa Allah.




Masjid Fresno Islamic Center will not be responsible at all for any infection or any transmission of COVID-19 or any other disease, and therefore, if you do not feel safe coming to the Masjid or you will not comply precisely with these rules, then we urge you to stay and pray at home and be safe.


May Allah reward you with the best and relieve us from this hardship very soon. Aameen!

Board of MFIC

Masjid Fresno Islamic Center

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